The first immunotoxin to CD20

Specific for CD20

MT-3724 is an immunotoxin that targets the CD20 cell surface antigen present in a variety of lymphomas and leukemias. MT-3724 binds the same epitope as Rituxan with similar affinity.

Forced Internalization

Upon binding to the CD20 antigen, MT-3724 induces its own internalization into the target cell.

Novel Mechanism of Action

Once inside the cell, MT-3724 self-routes to the cytosol where it enzymatically and irreversibly destroys ribosomal function thereby directly killing the cell. This represents a unique mechanism of action in oncology. Clinical data have shown activity in patients whose disease has progressed or was not responsive to chemotherapy and Rituxan.

1st Generation ETB

MT-3724 is a first-generation ETB; it is not fully de-immunized and does not deliver payloads to the cytosol.