A unique mechanism of action in combination with an immuno-oncology approach


Evofosfamide is a prodrug designed to be activated under hypoxic conditions commonly found in the tumor microenvironment.

Within regions of tumor hypoxia, evofosfamide releases bromo isophosphoramide mustard (Br-IPM), a potent DNA alkylating agent that kills tumor cells by forming DNA crosslinks.

Once activated in hypoxic tissues, Br-IPM can also diffuse into surrounding oxygenated regions of the tumor and kill cells there via a “bystander effect”.

Because of its preferential activation in the targeted hypoxic regions of solid tumors, evofosfamide may be less likely to produce broad systemic toxicity seen with untargeted cytotoxic chemotherapies

Clinical Studies

Threshold has a collaboration with the MD Anderson Cancer Center which recently presented preclinical data on evofosfamide in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitor antibodies.

The data highlighted the promise of evofosfamide to improve the efficacy of this class of immuno-oncology therapeutics. Immune checkpoint inhibitors are potent anti-cancer therapies that unleash an immune system attack on cancer cells.

Molecular Templates has initiated a clinical trial in various solid tumors evaluating evofosfamide in combination with one or more checkpoint inhibitor antibodies.