Corporate Profile

Molecular Templates

Engineering a new protein scaffold with unique biology to create novel drugs for cancer.

Engineered Toxin Bodies (ETBs)

Molecular Templates is developing ETBs, protein-based therapeutics with a novel mechanism of action (the enzymatic destruction of ribosomes), predictable PK and ADME, and turn-key GMP manufacturing.

Rapid Lead Selection

Molecular Templates can move quickly from concept to clinic. Antibodies to targets of interest can be quickly (~8 weeks) screened in an ETB format to select leads based on forced internalization, specificity, and potency. ETBs are generally consistent in their PK and ADME profiles and in their manufacturing process.

New Activity Against Established Targets

ETBs are being developed against clinically validated targets that persist after current modalities have failed. Pre-clinical and clinical evidence demonstrate that ETBs are not cross-resistant to prior therapies.

Payload Delivery

Molecular Templates is exploring the extracellular targeting and intracellular delivery of various payloads to the cytosol or other cellular compartments. To date, these payloads have included small molecules, peptides, enzymes, and nucleic acids.